Technical Design Services

Ranging from shop drawings for an updated kitchen to construction documents for a new home, hiring a capable and qualified designer is an essential part of the construction process. When consulting with a designer or professional planner ensures your vision becomes a reality all while staying on budget and within the time constraints.

Benefits of hiring an experienced designer to compose and manage a project outweighs the drawbacks of not having construction documents when seeking bids. All to often construction projects take a turn for the worst and you are faced with costly changes that results in a project that is over budget and possibly unfinished.

Nobody wants an unfinished and over budget construction project and this is precisely why our design process is developed with you in mind. We want to see your idea become a reality. By developing a technical set of design specifications, you are provided with the reassurance that the specifics of your project will be met.

Here is a list of services that we provide. Take a look at some of the options and descriptions and contact us for more information about customizing a package that will benefit your project in the future.

  • Bill of Materials & Material Takeoffs
  • Phased Construction Diagrams & Flow Charts
  • 3d Printing & Scanning
  • Visualization / Animation / Renderings
  • Project Tracking
  • Project Tracking / Management
  • Shop Drawings
  • Schematic Drawings
  • Prototype Development
  • Site Plans
  • Landscape Design
  • Green Design Planning
  • Architectural Design - Technical Drawings
  • Structural Drawings - Technical Drawings
  • Aquatic System Implementation & Design
  • Plant / Facility Mapping
  • Agricultural Maps / Planting Timelines
  • Furniture / Casework Design

This is a list of the raw materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, parts and the quantities of each needed to manufacture or construct an end product. Provide us a concept or a set of blueprints and we will create an accurate list of part or materials required for an assembly or construction project. Everything will be provided to you in a format you prefer.
Project tracking is a critical component of construction, production, distribution and management. Being able to convey these critical paths of completion is important.

Have an Idea? Need a physical model of a part, 3D printing & scanning services are available to help you digitize your idea in moments with less part production costs.

Visualization and rendering can get you a stylized and realistic image of a product or idea before even creating a physical product. This is very helpful when promoting an idea to potential investors or staff.

Working within the scope of your desires, we can develop a schedule that will ensure product delivery and production costs remain within budget.

Overseeing a project requires great skill and management abilities, since we want you to remain focused on your every day pleasures, let us oversee and manage your project as it comes together. We will procure bids and schedule times for discussion with contractors to review sight conditions and provide construction drawings to ensure that the project comes together smoothly and on budget.

Shop drawings are essential to getting the job done right and without error. These drawings also help contractors bid accurately on the project and carpenters or manufacturers create accurate pieces of the whole.

Schematics are helpful drawings that ensure proper assembly and overall integration of pieces of a large assembly. Unlike technical drawings, these are developed to show relationships and not necessarily specific dimensions. These are essential to product manual and securing patents from authorities.

Prototyping can be a expensive process. Supply us with you physical prototype and we will digitize the model for use in schematic drawings and part drawings specifying actual dimensions.

Accurate site plan is essential to a projects success, after a survey, we can get your vectors into a visually stunning presentable format. We work with you to specify the details of the site that are needed to pass a project with city officials or get estimates on plants needed for a new landscape.

Site plan drawings with irrigation and plant symbols to help plan a landscape for your new construction. Bill of materials are beneficial when seeking out bid from contractors and material supply companies.

Environmentally friendly designs and self sustaining systems are essential to a good design and important to our environment as well. Conscious design utilizing natural element is important and can save you thousands of dollars in utility costs and service fees.

Having a solid set of construction documents to help guide the project throughout construction is essential to a complete

Working with engineers to develop site analysis and structural requirements to submit to the city and building authority for permits and inspections

Hydroponic and aquaponic systems can be used for anything from organic agriculture or homestead systems to sustainable communities. We will help you design and implement a production plan that will serve the needs of your custom environment.

Agriculture and Brewing Plant design and management helps start up operations, if you have an idea and want to get down to the details and document the system and its functionality we are able to compose those models or drawings to help you serve your customers better.

Your farm operation is unique and so are the seasons, by providing a scale site plan of your farm or facility will allow you to better track the overall production and activities that take place on a farm. Multiple layers allow you to categories and map out your needs for seeds or packaging materials, a timeline will help you keep things in order in the office so you can spend your time in the field doing what you love.

Custom casements and furniture really add a dynamic to any space. Built in storage or flexible furniture will make your home or store stand out out help you relax. Casework and cabinetry for store front or kitchen remodels is important. We can take a concept to a visually stunning rendering of the space but also help design you or your company a casement or cabinet that meets your brand, logo or simple design renovation

Why are Construction Documents important?

The finish products you select can dramatically affect the appearance, function and cost of your project. During negotiations with the contractor, details of the project can be easily confused or forgotten. It is important to specify all conditions through documentation. This ensures the contractors involved are well aware of the materials required to complete a project. It also establishes a legally binding contract that states what conditions must be met in order to receive payments.


Timelines are established after scope of work has been defined and often undergo revisions throughout the construction process to accommodate the needs of nature, contractors and sub contractors alike. The timeline is made available for all individuals working on a project because it clearly sets the start date and completion dates as well as other conditions that must be met to substantiate substantial completion of any phase of the construction process.

Your timeline will document your construction objectives. Similar to an outline, this is a basis in which discussion can begin with contractors, material suppliers, lenders, building authorities. Our phasing design services will allow you ample opportunity to explore your options, the flexibility to make modifications and the ability to research your investment.

Prior to the initial meeting:

  • Sketch out several design concepts of your own
  • providing drawings, pictures, or any other information you find interesting. Magazines, Parade of home tours, and show rooms are excellent resources.
  • itemize and rank features you would like to see incorporated in your design

Conceptual Designs Drawings

These are scalable drawings that define the basic parameters of the project. They are usually void of detail, dimensions, and technical notes so you can review and modify the design with ease. Since these designs are in preliminary stages of development they are not intended for construction. Their primary function is to establish a starting point.

The Objective of the Conceptual Design Package is to use an analytic approach in determining the feasibility of the project. By documenting your expectations established a standard in which the following parties can work from:

  • Contractors can prepare a rough estimate
  • Lenders will have a more accurate sense of your financial needs
  • Surveyors can provide preliminary site plans.

Your design project is custom and unique and may require special consideration. Typically most projects proceed as follows.

Typical Conceptual Designs include

  • Proposed Floor Plan(s)
  • Proposed Elevations

You will need scaleable drawings and other technical documents to apply for a building permit. Other technical documents typically include: a survey, roof truss engineering designs, beam and column engineering designs, heating and cooling equipment designs, fireplace designs and alike.  These separate documents are typically provided by others, at no additional cost, when you purchase their service or product.

Proposed Working Drawings

These are scalable drawings that define the scope of your project. They normally include sufficient details, dimensions, and technical notes to meet the requirements set forth by your local Building Authorities.

Typical Proposed Working Drawings include

  • Floor Plan(s)
  • Elevations
  • Foundation Plan
  • Section View

Construction Documents

Your plans can be a legally enforceable part of the construction contract.
Construction Documents are scalable drawings that include details and specifications that are important to your project. Signature blocks are included on each page to ratify that the plans are the governing document to the contract.

Typical Construction Documents include:

  • Electrical Plan(s)
  • Window Schedule
  • Door Schedule
  • Electrical Schedule
  • Floor Schedules
  • Signature Block

Optional Construction Documents:

  • Construction Details
  • Built-In Feature Details\


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